Touch‑Typing Tutor

Education Activities

ISICv4 8549
  • Online Tutor
  • Touch-Typing Lessons
  • video-connection & screen sharing, real-time online document

Advanced Modern Touch‑Typing

  • Touch-Typing: English, Russian, Tajik, Mandarin, Japanese
  • Typing Special Symbols and Math Fast
  • Fast Switching between Typing Modes
  • Fast Switching between Hiragana and Katakana in Japanese Typing
  • Alternative Keyboard Layouts
  • Same Punctuation Schema for All Keyboard Layouts Languages
  • Keyboard Schemas and Tricks
  • Emmet (automated abbreviation expansion for writing HTML)
  • SharpKeys (delicate registry remapping)
  • Keyboard Layout Creator (creating new keyboard layouts install packages)
  • AutoHotkey (advanced typing programming)

$24 1 hour
$22 10 hours
$20 20 hours

programmers, mathematicians, scientists, technical writers, supermen and supergirls get a discount of 10% + 1% for every app, published work, book, manual and every heroic feat

students with strong learning ability can get 10% or more discounts, and students need to provide personal achievement materials to get preferential treatment

winter discounts, valid until March 1, or the end of the System, whichever comes first

$12 1 hour
$11 10 hours
$10 20 hours