Public Speaking Instructor

Education Activities

ISICv4 8549
  • Online Tutor
  • Public Speaking and Conversational Skills Lessons
  • video-connection & screen sharing, real-time online document
Accurate Reading
Words Clearly Spoken
Correct Pronunciation
Fluent Delivery
Appropriate Pausing
Proper Sense Stress
Principal Ideas Emphasized
Suitable Volume
Warmth and Feeling
Gestures and Facial Expressions
Visual Contact
Good Personal Appearance
Use of Microphone
Use of Reference in Replying
Use of Reference Encouraged
Reference Effectively Introduced
Referrence Read With Proper Emphasis
Referrence Correctly Applied
Practical Value Made Clear
Choice of Words
Use of an Outline
Logical Development of Material
Extemporaneous Delivery
Conversational Manner
Voice Quality
Interest Shown in the Other Person
Respect Shown to Others
Expressed With Conviction
Tactful yet Firm
Upbuilding and Positive
Repetition for Emphasis
Theme Developed
Main Points Made to Stand Out
Interest-Arousing Introduction
Effective Conclusion
Accuracy of Statement
Understandable to Others
Informative to Your Audience
Use of Assigned Material
Effective Use of Questions
Illustrations/Examples That Teach
Illustrations From Familiar Situations
Effective Use of Visual Aids
Reasoning Manner
Sound Arguments Given
Effort to Reach the Heart
Accurately Timed, Properly Proportioned
Effective Exhortation
Audience Encouraged and Strengthened

$24 1 hour
$22 10 hours
$20 20 hours

poets, supermen and supergirls get a discount of 10% + 1% for every poem, song, and heroic feat

students with strong learning ability can get 10% or more discounts, and students need to provide personal achievement materials to get preferential treatment

winter discounts, valid until March 1, or the end of the System, whichever comes first

$12 1 hour
$11 10 hours
$10 20 hours