How to Write Good

"The pen is mightier than the sword." Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Choose Your Country

Does the country You live in encourage the freedom of expression, creativity, idependency, and human rights?

If not, take steps to move out!!!

Live a Complete Life

Winning is always about giving.

Take proper care of yourself. The amount You can give always equals the amount You invest into yourself.

Take Care of Your Health

Are You eating well? Eat healthy food 3-5 times a day.

What is Your visual input? Visit pleasant places.

Are You making new friends? Talk to new people.

Have enough sleep to boost up Your memory and concentration strength.

Take exercises. Train strength, endurance, cardio. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats. Have a set of weights at Your working place.

Breath fresh air.

Live a fresh life. Be free.


Find a Quiet Place

Search for a quiet place to boost attention and creativity.

Destroy distractions, move far from distractors.

Nobody can tolerate noise. Noise only keeps irritating You more and more. Find a quiet place!

Don't create anything in hell.

Don't write at night too much, the story can fail. Nightly writing is usually not an option.

Study the Language!

Study grammar.

Take exercises. Like, 90 minutes of grammar exercises! It's worth it!

Listen to academic lectures. Find excellent speakers on all major topics.

Read advanced texts to expand Your vocabulary.

Unless You do a research for Your own article or on behalf of Your client, stop reading and watching the news for hours and hours: news language is often trash. News aren't education. Grab encyclopaedia first. Study the writers You like. But not in translations, study only original texts.

Be absorbed in grammar. Mistakes are unforgivable.

Find a dictionary of collocations to make the content and descriptions lithe, lissom, vivid, lively. Make the mind and the emotion of the audience vibrate with Your words.

Grab a good synonyms dictionary. It's Your book number two after whatever book number one in Your life.

Double-Check Grammar, Spelling, and Decency

Mistakes distract readers and obfuscate meaning. The amount of readers could be a huge factor in determining why a document should be clean. Remember, You go public! Website is Your public face. Anything less than 100% will get You either destroyed, or humiliated.

Use Language Proofing Tools.

Remember, unless You are publicly recognized as master Yoda, You are not allowed to use obscene language. And even if You ARE recognized as master Yoda by some group of peers, they are not 100% of Your audience. You always have to be appropriate and extremely polite. Avoid gender and racial prejudice. Just write about a certain group in a certain place if You have to reprove some unhealthy traits. Do not say 'Greeks', say 'Critans'.

Avoid hurting religious feelings, even if some folks treat their belly as their god. You are not a Christ to judge. Teach and save instead. "Let's make ribbed abs our god!"

Is the article politically feasible?

Does the article maximize net benefits, that is, will most of the readers benefit from the information?

You have to take into account separate groups of readers: general public, governors, Your personal clientele and patrons.

Be respectful to everyone, but hard like diamond rock against evildoers.

Be brave, do not fear opponents in any respect.

Will Christ love the article? I You can answer 'maybe', than You are probably on the right path.

Religion Fetters and 300 Years of Witch Hunt

When writing about religion and faith, once You are absolutely sure what makes myth tick, You know everything about it when You would care to know, look in the mirror and say:
I may be wrong.
I may be very wrong.
I might be hopelessly wrong.
And You will probably be right!

Keep the Pace Fast

Better to create five pages that are politically correct, interesting, and bring refreshment to the readers than one absolutely ¿perfect? page.

Remember, quantity and speed are more important than perfect quality! Especially if You want to share good stuff for free, share it FAST. Although I create perfect pages, this takes five times more on every aspect.

Choose between Van Damm and Akira Kurosawa. It all depends on the type of content and the level of critical thinking of Your audience. Mine is smart and loving like the heavens themselves!

Every author continues working on published articles to deepen and widen them, be it poetry or technical documentation.

Write a Terminator if You find a good material. It's worth it.

Bring Your drafts online with passion. FAST. It speeds up the whole process. You see what articles are of most importance to the readers. You have a suitable articles when You find interesting videos, photos, art, music, quotations online.

Do You have a proofreader? Content advisor? News aggregator? That is fantastic!

Organize and Be Flexible

Some days You gather material while talking to people You like and feel comfortable with in real life in person, NEVER ONLINE

Other days it's gathering and taking video and visuals.

Other days it's image editing.

Other days it's tech. RDFa, search engines.

Other days You really feel into WRITING.

You have to study, a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Being a study addict is awesome for writing.

It's better to do all that stuff en masse, especially when You happen to stumble upon a heap of valuables. Stuff is NOT random, it comes in groups.

Text is of top priority. Images later. Sometimes You miss wonderful images just because You do not know how to use them.

Bring the text online. Add appropriate images later, they are costly and time-consuming unless You have a state of art workstation to work with images, and video especially.

Create Concise Pages

Short pages are easy to read and navigate. Information is organized and consumed more easily. Short pages are memorable.

Short pages are easy to share and fast to load.

Short pages are easy to edit.

Short pages are easy to upgrade.

Short pages are easier for translation and translation management.

Short pages are easily expandable when you've got updates.

Short pages are easy for RDFa mark-up. Trust me, You are going to need it, especially when a search engine asks for it.

Add the Content that is Absent on the Net

Praying to Google analytics doesn't help cure the flat curve.

Put more fresh, new, useful content onto the website!

Be original. Add NEW content.

Add value when You would like to re-post others' articles and content.

Make users feel that emotion in the rear part of the brain that makes them move and act.

Give energy, ideas, flame, passion.

Choose Your colours and palette.

Make the words and ideas come together. Give the exact meaning.

Intensify. Sharpen. Deepen. Escalate.

Lead the content to its grand apogee - user action.


Give Your 1000% when interacting with 10 people.

Anything less than 100% will get You destroyed.

The website is a speech to users. Be charismatic.

Usually the hours spent working with a website equal the total time users spent on the pages.


Concentrate on making, not doing. Concentrate on upgrading the existing content, characters and the storyline; rather than simply copy-pasting or writing anew. Upgrade other people works and data. Build. Man-up!!!

By the love of God, stop roaming. Grab the materials available next to You.

Be active every time. Give no rest to Your hand.

Hide any kind of tech. It's art. Or at least it has to be.

Confront true creativity and complete life vs. visual glitches from hallucinogens and psychedelics; everyone using them falls into destitution, plague, and torment; they drive people taking them into the deepest depths of despair. Demons of illusions enjoy sufferings of mankind.

Content Upload Order

Test for small screens.

Check grammar and spelling in any editor.

Validate HTML

Check the RDFa structure.

Validate links sitewide.


Hire People

Men come cheaper than guns.

Hire a human editor, especially when You really care about the audience reaction to sensitive topics.

Hire a professional producer; even a student in production can give You great ideas sometimes.

The more people are engaged, the more concentrated and filled with ideas Your content and Your article becomes.

Lead the discussion in positive direction, keep the moral standards high.

Quotations about Writing

"I grant You this is obvious, but sometimes the obvious things need to be stated."

"Art is either an instruction or an infection."

"Be good, and if You can't be good, be careful."

"If you've got any vices, don't advertise them."

"Be brave. Spit it out." - "There's walkers in the barn, and Lory is pregnant."

"Good, Bad. The main thing is who has the gun."

Have all the modern equipment.

"Never say who You are or what happens to you."

"You can't say 'I've lost my winning lottery ticket. Because if they know it is a winning lottery ticket, they will keep the money, they will hide it.' Anybody who finds it will want to keep it to themselves."

"Have fun. And if You are not having fun, it's not worth it!"

How to Build Your Content Structure

"Rule number one: never read instructions."

"Hector, get rid of the her, say something. What shall I say? Anything! Tell her, I'm not well, I've eaten a hedgehog, I've gone to the Moon! Go on!!!"

"Nick's hedgehog has gone to the Moon. Nick's hedgehog is not well. Nick is sad. He can not dance. He stood on the hedgehog. Without shoes. Very painful."

"Let's dance!"

"You'd better get into the role, buddy. The camera is already rolling!"

"Rule number one: imagine You are writing to a beautiful woman.

Rule number two: be mysterious.

Rule number three: make them trust you. Concentrate on WHO."

Oxford: How to Write Good