Advanced Modern Typing

"The pen is mightier than the sword." Edward Bulwer‑Lytton
"Then how much more the keyboard is stronger than the machine‑gun!" god

Consider studying musical instrument before typing.

Convert CapsLock into Control-like key

Use Sharpkeys to convert:

CapsLock into AppsKey

RightAlt into AppsKey


Use Autohotkey to improve typing control.

Keyboard Layout Creator

Use KLC to free up Colemak layout from the keys you reassigned to Autohotkey.

Maths typing, custom Colemak + Autohotkey

Custom Latin layout and Japanese IME, Chinese IME, Korean IME

You need to point out to IME input system which keyboard to use, US international (default) or a custom Latin.

• Run regedit.exe

Non-Latin layouts and Autohotkey

Custom Latin layout + non-Latin layout and Autohotkey

Use this code to control for input language:

Check your keyboard codes manually, codes WILL differ!

Uncomment ListVars command and run the script on all layouts to see the codes. When you modify the layout with KLC, check for the new code. (You need to do this only if you changed the KLC/properties/top-8-symbol name of the layout.)