When Things Go South

When the things go south (they always do):

Grab some food. Eat right, small but good. Change Your tea to include more useful stuff if you can’t eat due to the intense stress.

Sleep at home in your bed with your spouse. Sleep well.

Eat, drink, sleep, at home.

Exercise cardio and strength.

Concentrate on Spiritual Love in peaceful conditions. Get them. Find them. Quick.

Make money.

Under bad conditions, when everything looks grim, choose the move where the result is at least uncertain. Find the most confusing move for Your opponents when You are in a great trouble. Choose a move that will confuse just about anyone.

Avoid doing anything fancy from the realm of extraordinary expectations. Just play the good strong moves. Search for the strategy that will work in a specific case: watch, listen, send a recon. Pretend loosing and running away while having a trap and a set-up ready. Fight from a long distance with missiles when Your opponent prefers close range combat. Have enough of food and water if any kind of siege and prolonged combat is coming and there are no chances of running away. Play very natural moves that emphasise and strengthen each other.

'Let's fight, and perhaps our God will fight for us' attitude.

When on the move

You have to have a very serious reason for moving; avoid wishful thinking that You will find anything fast. Avoid travel procedures with strong consistent negative returns. Avoid cumbersome travelling routes unless absolutely necessary. Do You really have to travel at -15 degrees Celsius (5 Fahrenheit)? Is it an urgent matter with life threatening situation that You really have to travel without ANY other options?

Save Your strength. Avoid walking, hail a car.

Save Your time.

Save Your body, health.

When attacking a problem, or performing a task, hit right in the center. Put Your ads on the Kremlin wall, but have rest inside a flat. Make a knight's move when dodging the hostile response. Be on the opposite side of the mountain. Avoid performing harmful orders from Your superiors. You have to take proper care of Yourself. Safety is rule number one.

Take any kind of cover, You have no expectations of privacy in public places.

Ah, You'd better wear those panties!!!

Rule number two: You've gotta have fun! If You are not having fun, it is not worth it!

You have to study law first. Expect to operate and win inside extremely hostile environment. The whole world lies in the power of the Wicked One.