On Privacy

“They came from a distant land, from Babylon.” Next he asked: “What did they see in your house?” Hez·e·kiʹah replied: “They saw everything in my house. There was nothing that I did not show them in my treasuries.” Isaiah now said to Hez·e·kiʹah: “Look! Days are coming, and all that is in your house and all that your forefathers have stored up to this day will be carried off to Babylon. Nothing will be left.” Isaiah 39:1-9

Keep Silent Online, Sir! Dump Facecrook, ScrewedIn LinkedImp, Skip, GlitchTV, WhatsWaste, Twister, Distort, Telehren'.

 f in the moring.  f in the afternoon.  f in the evening.  f at night.
Oh God, when to live actual life?
Give us wisdom to concentrate on honest reality.

E-mailing in the morning kills Your creativity for the whole day. There is profit from every kind of labour. Talking leads to poverty.

Social networks eat up time, PC resource, brain and body strength, emotional commitment to unknown people, and eventually money.

Avoid social networks, they literally suck. Use private apps to contact people you know and trust.

Do not tell anybody who You are and what is happening to You on social platforms. It's like nuding Yourself in public in a hostile environment among pursuers of loose conduct.

Social networks are the worst largest professional community. Do You have any business in underground drinking bars? Why hangout online with complete strangers?!

'Social' platforms do not solve the problem of loneliness and money, not even by a single stretch of imagination.

Reasons why:

The more honest You are on social platforms, the less 'friends' and 'contacts' You have.

Dump social platforms, but keep Your account history, messages, images, information, and contacts at Your drive.

The general policy on these platforms filled with robots, demons, and secret services should be:

If You happen to have any vices, don't advertise them.

Besides, nobody is interested in guys’ secrets.

Conceal God, Belief, The Holy Mark, Virginity, whatever, I do care. God of blessing, Money, Luck should be concealed. Malice is pervasive in online communication.

God of Death, a sign of bad omen should be concealed. Conceal tattoos. Just do not do tattoos in the first place.

Conceal nude skin, Muslims and ravenous perverts are out there. Keep Your skin under Your clothes.
There ARE snakes in the Paradise.

Keep alert and be safe, O.K.?

Ignore questions and questionnaires. Your answers are used to attack You. And nobody really cares in any good sense.

Refuse to give interviews. ALWAYS. In real life too. "That is private data."

For the love of God, avoid phone registration!!!

If You Do Use Social Networks

Use an alias.

Show up Your face or at least a registered trademark to be trusted. You have to open a company to justify the use of any social network. There is no any other sound reason to hang out online. You are just being fished and hooked up otherwise.

"Be caught all users, both large and small!"

Networking: share Your location to be found. You have to operate locally. It's the most important thing - to reduce business operational costs by reducing distance. Screens do keep the distance and prevent You from full-fledged operations and relationships. You have to communicate in person face to face in real life to keep online business running.

Physical proximity comes first. Emotional commitment comes from real life experiences and interactions.

Once online, stay connected to receive assistance, even when You are angry, especially with Your superiors and seniors on the platform; be polite even if they are not. It very well may be a cultural difference. Do not smash that phone, it is not the phone's fault!!! Find cheap and effective ways to be heard, to get Your message through, avoid being a silent loser. Spit it all out!!!

"There is walkers in the barn and Lori is pregnant".

KEEP THE JOURNAL, KEEP THE DATA, KEEP THE RECORDS, or You will be up in the Styx again.

Record everything. Keep all the logs automatically. Take screenshots. Keep them both at home and at a remote drive. Use automated syncing apps.

Use password managers to create long and hard to break passwords.

Reduce the amount of Your private data on the Internet, find Your every account out there and delete all the sensitive information. Keep Your online mailboxes live to remain accessible.

There is no private communication. Especially online. Consider texting like sending postcards with Soviet watch-dogs right above Your shoulder.

Stop posting Your stupid food. It does not have smell and taste online.

Avoid hanging out with underaged. Do You need Your job? Dump government posts.

Write positive and encouraging messages to the people You care about.

Be brave and act in real life. Invest into business props. Invest into learning.

You are far better off by making a pack of nicely designed business cards, fliers, and posters.
Real life advertisement close up and in person brings the money in.

Utilize networking only when reaching out for other person is REALLY cumbersome, and even at that case an email is Your first option of choice to keep the business atmosphere.