God Re‑Write the Docs

In a long document funny things can happen.

God never makes mistakes, but people are bloody famous for it.

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong faster and bigger when computers are involved.

If Your computer algorithm is going to be trading stock in milliseconds, then the computer code had better be right. You can loose enourmous amounts of money in a blink of an eye.

Even as you set out to ignore metaphysics, you are probably engaged in some form of metaphysical speculation yourself.

That the human mind will ever give up metaphysical research is as little to be expected as that we should prefer to give up breathing altogether to avoid inhaling impure air.

InLine Development

In the beginning there was nothing, and we made Something out of it, transforming our energy into matter.

And Our Word became visible to the World.

And we documented everything, but nobody likes reading W3Docs.

And we came to them in person, and via phone, and via video-conference; but they turned stubborn faces to their Developer, and opened stackexchange, to fool around with one another, and to become stubborn in their ignorance.

"Buy Windows and become like the Developer himself, knowing and declaring, what process is good and what process is bad."

"And run many apps at the same time on the screen and in the background, and fill the memory and get unlimited HDD access."

And the users saw the multiprocessing, that it is good, and allows multitasking, and bought Windows, and gave it to the admin to install it. And the admin installed it and set its default search engine to Bing.

And the developer saw that the Internet is distorted and filled with ads and bla-bla content farms and is filled with malice.

And said: "Cursed be Microsoft, let it be the slave of slaves to the Linux. Blessed be the Linux and its users, and let the Windows users bow down low to them."

and Google said: "whoever doesn't bow to Google Analytics and Google Search Console will be thrown into the burning furnace."
"And what users can save you from my hand?!"

and the Developers answered: "Content, and the Incoming Link, which we serve, is strong enough to save us from your hand."
"And even if this not happens, know this: praying to Google Analytics doesn't help cure the flat curve."
"We shall not serve Google Analytics, and to the Search Console which honestly sucks, we shall not bow down."

"Whoever worships Google, will be thrown into the fiery lake, filled with sulphur, and his website turned into 4chan, and there the gnashing of their teeth will be."