Marry UP

"It's better not to marry, than to marry down and break bad."

By the love of God, usually You have to travel far to find a good wife. And when I say far, I mean FAR.

Unless You happen to own a gold mine, prepair to work like a slave to make money for a good living.

Equip Yourself. Come packed and loaded. For two.

Take every 100% chance to ask her out, be active every time. Give no rest to your hand. Everyday. There is a lot of rejection.

Avoid 20% all-in attack. Retreat the guy. Avoid leaving the guy wide in the open. Privacy at all costs.

It’s about playing a good game, not depending on chances. It's not about Luck.

Become a person girls cling to. Become a patron. Holy Christ? Marry the oppisite race like Moses did? It's once and for all. Ask a lot of questions.

Avoid “gift from God”, “blessing”, kind of guidance by unusual occurrence or for that reason popular eastern culture “Luck” - type of miracle thinking. Or for that reason "curse", "jinx", "Moridor's box", kind of reasoning based on a bad rare occurance, bad time, bad day. Be brave!!! Test for coincidences. Is that an ordinary occurrence that coincides with general statistics?

Avoid daydreaming and wishful thinking. Yes, surely, she will look better and have more health as years build up.

Wise one has eyes in his/her head. Analyze the situation. Use relatives whose judgement you trust.

Yes, an old-school date first.

Take off her shoes, gently. Wash and massage her feet.

Did someone say tights? Papers FIRST. Sign. Wedding. And You do the tights last.

Perform Your best, give Your 1000% percent when confronting a group of 10 girls. Perform perfectly. Touch the strings of the heart and deep feelings. Find what resonates with the audience - You need to know what is precious to every one of them. Add tears. Review all public speaking books and courses. Be a prince of the Universe. Inside Your body, soul, heart, spirit. Son of God. Shine.

Concentrate on making and creating, not doing. Deepen all the relationships. You probably need money to give presents to friends and for influential people at the place You invest in. Analyse how others land their wives. Build. Man-up!!!

Take any singing classes. Soprano Mezzo. Grab Your guitar.

Sometimes You have to tune up the piano and perform Your best even in extraudinary circumstances.

Eat. Stay in form. Fit.

Dress up.

Hide all the tech. Mobile. It's art. Or at least it has to be.

Study hacking to gather basic information. Very often the only thing between You and the precious data is Windows XP. Yes, it's 2019, but many firms still use WinXP to get it for free. Heavens, it's often not even a database, but an uncoded Excel file. Sometimes You might need this simple piece of information like air. In fact, forget about hacking. Just carry a USB flashcard in Your bag. Use it, drag and drop. Do Your worst. It's marriage to a human. Things do go south. Better be prepaired. And yes, sometimes girls do their worst to marry.