test assumptions

Catch the array of details and subtleties to draw a coherent solid picture and to make an informed decision.

Men are not angels. Women… Ask: “For WHOM does she dress up?”





Analyse. Criticise. Challenge. Test twice. Avoid jumping in too quick. Exercise caution.

If someone does it for you “too quick” or ”too generous”, the probability of existing of a quite obvious overlooked reason is extremely high, whatever the motives are. Sex? Drugs? Money? Access to power? To what extent are these motives present? Do they skew the decision making process, and if so, to what extent? Is this GOOD? Is it benevolent? Do you what it and is this desire sound and beneficial for You, or You will get ruined? Do you agree? Is that appropriate? Are you permitted? If no, quit. Check for appropriateness and compatibility, love applicability 可爱kě'ài (expand:Chinese)

Check for the safety. What risks are present? List them. Is it worth it? Are You safe in every case scenario?

Are you willing and prepared to take the existing risks? What happens when things go south? Test for Your future safety. Do you get a refund and a compensation for the effort invested? What is Your safety level in that case? Will you get destroyed, both mentally and physically? If so, quit.

Is there a third party control present? What kind of expert that is? What kind of control that is? Can it be trusted, and to what extent? Is it GOOD?

Does it leave open options or dogmatic and even tyranical? Is there a room for a second thought, and a critical thinking from Your part? If no, be extremely cautious. It’s all now on You. And if You fail, they will put the blame on You to keep going on the same dogmatic course.

Test for real relationship, is it here? The probability to be dissed and ditched is enormously high when there is no possibility of a sound future relationship. If it is a relationship, does the established trust present, both personal and social, and to what extent?

What is that person or organization reputation, social weight and accountability before the third party?

Test for cleanness.

Test for peace.