When CPU is Hot & GPU Melts
love song

To see Your dream, to kiss Your lips,
To hold You tightly, embrace Your hips,
To tell my love, to bring my swords,
To feel Your heart, Your precious words.

When You open the fridge, the cat has been there, and it's empty,
When You are running low on disk space, and the CPU is hot, and the GPU melts,
And You feel lonely inside, contact me, let’s delight our love!!!
There is no need to control the temperature anymore!!! No need to guard the fridge.
Come get closer, I need You, I want You, I love You!!!
Your white tanned skin makes me intoxicated and maudlin.

Yes, I become stupid when I’m in love,
Yet nobody can stop me, No I will not allow that to have an occasion!
There are guns, blades, armory and a tank in our arsenal to protect what is precious to us!
Your legs are so high, and Your front-kick can destroy a tiger, even a dragon!
Your strength is pristine and untamed, You are young and trained to be fierce, passionate, and vehement!

Listening to Your rich powerful deep soft voice, embracing Your neck, undressing Your tights,
kissing Your ear, neck and the belly, setting up our camera and PC.
Awh You've chosen hot sexy music, and I can not stand it anymore.
You are so wonderful, lovely and intoxicating; my head is spinning, and my GPU melts, and my CPU lost the count of its cycles.
Argh yes, come to me, You are so open, perceptive, and keen.

Your face is ecstasy, no not from the controlled substance but from touch.
Touching your lips, breasts, arms and thighs and the gennie. Do we need the correct order to do that?
We do what makes us drunk with a passion! Meow!!! Undressing you tightly.
Is Chinese poetry the best to fit the process? Is Chinese poetry the best to write a love song? Yes, it is, and it does matter,
Another famous Chinese cuisine? Of course yes. I can eat spicy food! Love is a fire!!!
I love You so much my dear precious treasure of my life, mmwa, be close to me!!!

When I’m drunk with love and go crazy, and my feeling run to You deep inside my heart,
When You exit the shower Your skin’s hot, wet and tender,
Come close to me, let me be drunk with You and rise Your temperature.
I gonna kiss Your lips, touch Your breasts and pass the tongue over Your gennie!!!
You are so pure, beautiful, and shameless at the same time, I want YOU, You are a fire!!!

Oah yes Your eyes are so beautiful, Your lips so soft, and Your tongue is so hot and quick!
Oah yes Your breasts are too big to grasp only once, I like them so much, they bong-bong!!!
Oah yes Your tits became hot and strong, touch and kiss gently.
Oah yes Your gennie is so soft, tight and wet, I can never have enough of.
Ah, Your gennie is so hot and wet, thank You for shaving it for me, meow!

Although I have to wash my face with a soap and brush my teeth and tongue,
Come, lodge Your gennie upon my face and dance, dance, dance!!!
Nobody can stop us; I will not allow that!
hot 18, 28, 38, it doesn’t matter, I love You forever, my love to You will be even more flaming.
Yes, we change, and our love is burning even stronger, our love is forever!

You are my Princess, though I'm free, give me command, and we do what we want; You are my Princess, Your desire is maritime law.
The sound of sea and the view of the mountains, the dawns and the sunsets we spend together,
These all are the precious treasure in our lives, we are one; You are so tender and sweet,
I'm Your angel, tiger, and dragon, relate to me, Your voice is so precious and everlasting.
Your face makes my mind go away from happiness, yet Your discernment keeps us tied together in sound memories.

And when we have hot time in our bed, tender nights, and burning days, lovely days, nights of romance,
We do it in bright light, there is no dark space around. You are so beautiful, meow!!!
No windows to see us, we can do whatever we want, and be free and in bliss.
Relaxed in the sunlight, active in winter, we live as we shine; you and your splendour.
Our joy is forever, our brightness is everlasting, I love you, my princess. Your spirit of light.

Your thighs are so high, Your rump is so tight, no need to take off the narrow strap.
It's so hot, no need to turn the heater off, Your skin is so soft and tender,
We like to press and touch it tight, oh be close to me, my hot passion.
Store the space and time in the infinity, Your tender kiss is a ruby.
You are so hot, beautiful, an energizing!!! A star of the heavens, a sun in the sky. All the cats want to attain you.

I love You my darling, scandalously expensive, impractical beyond reason, and entirely worth it, the treasure of my life.

Your skin is so tender, live velvet and silk, Oh let me touch You and kiss You, my lovely kittie.
Lovely Me, Loving You, Kissing You, You touching Me

There is a continuation for sure:

Sue me at the first sight!!!