Russia and USSR is the den of the dead. Escape Grim RU

"Happy are those who sleep,
And even more happier are those made of stone,
Happy are non-living and non-conscious
in this vile and shameless continuance.
Be quiet, I beseech. Don't dare wake me up."

Michelangelo, "The Grim Night"
translation by Nakigoe

"The very land has been polluted under its inhabitants, for they have bypassed the laws. That is why the curse itself has eaten up the land, and those inhabiting it are held guilty. That is why the inhabitants of the land have decreased in number. Dread and the hollow and the trap are upon you, you inhabitant of the land. And it must occur that anyone fleeing from the sound of the dreaded thing will fall into the hollow, and anyone coming up from inside the hollow will be caught in the trap". "Just as when a man flees because of the lion, and the bear actually meets him; and as when he went into the house and supported his hand against the wall, and the serpent bit him." Isaiah 24:5,6,17,18; Amos 5:19

"Their footprints are blood. The association of priests are marauding bands, they commit murder by the wayside, they have carried on nothing but loose conduct." Hosea 6:8,9

"Therefore I will certainly strike down the great house into rubble and the small house into debris." Amos 6:11

"The loyal one has perished from the earth, and among mankind there is no upright one. All of them for bloodshed they lie in wait, they hunt, everyone his own brother with a dragnet. Their best one is like a brier, their most upright one is worse than a thorn-hedge, worse than three rows of barbed wire."Michah 7

"the territory of wickedness"Malachi 1:4

Ready to offend and unwilling to help.

Insane, Hazardous, Evil, Ugly, Monstrous, Malicious, Miser, Irremediably Stupid Russia

USSR has turned into the den of the dead. And the dead are hunting for the living.

Russia has been turning into the country of the dead for centuries.

Yeargh, Halloween whole year throughout. Every day.

Bandits in Shoulder-Straps

Russia and tyranny always crawl together.

After USSR dissipation all moral standards have slipped into demons hell.

Tsar system has never disappeared completely in Russia.

Russian czar, the head of Russian FSB, the main successor agency to the KGB, before assuming the presidency in 2000, was working for Russian KGB in Eastern Germany and Stasi.

Stasi secret police agency of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Ministry for State Security, the Stasi was one of the most hated and feared institutions of the East German communist government.

Stasi destroyed Eastern Germany. Now the same person implements the same total surveillance system in another country, namely naked Russia.

Russia all-seeing eye.

Mr. Czar is rotten too much to stand him. Has he ever told a single truth in his whole life? The Constitution allows only the means which are ‘necessary’, not those which are merely ‘convenient’ for effecting the enumerated powers. The Constitution restrained them to the necessary means without which the grant of power would be nugatory. The Prezi-bandit raped its country constitution. The rotted Prezident eats the country citizens while alive. There is a murderous intent behind his smile, merciless; a despicabale crook, a crafty scoundrel, and a trickster.

The president's group, army, political parties, public officials and civil servants, Russian Orthodox Church with undercover agents, GRU mafiosy style of group preservation, FSB omnipotence, OMON quick reaction, followed by the police, the office of public prosecutor, and public courts are the filthiest and the most corrupt institutions.

"His watchmen are blind. None of them have taken note. All of them are speechless dogs; they are not able to bark, panting, lying down, loving to slumber. They are even dogs strong in soulful desire; they have known no satisfaction. They are also shepherds that have not known how to understand. They have all of them turned to their own way, each one for his unjust gain from his own border. 'Come, men! Let me take some wine; and let us drink vodka to the limit. And tomorrow will certainly turn out just as today, great in a very much larger way.'" Isaiah 56:9-12

Global Corruption Index places Russia with a corruption score of 72 / 100 on 138 / 180 place in the world in terms of cleanness, with a cleanness score of 28 / 100;
way below the cleanness score of China

Officials control money and guns distribution in the country. The main sources of the external finance inflow into the country, i.e. energy and defence-related sectors are unprivatized. The government has absolute power over its armless, speechless and generally needy population. numbers overview

Russian Government are a pack of rotten zombies. Usually people can see their make-up faces only on the internet or a zombie-censored TV programmes.

Why do you think they are hiding behind the high walls and darkened glass?

Lenin gets up at nights and roams when not guarded. Everybody bitten by him becomes a zombie too. It’s a weapon of all communists.

Why do you think they guard Lenin so much?

Russia is the den of Evil.

Artillery fire over Chechnya village filled with civilians, testified by former officer of the artillery group, who left the army "after the general who commanded them to open fire, later on a TV, standing on the site of the war crime and holding an artillery bomb shell in his hands, was lying through his teeth that there are even no such bombs in Russia". Forced army participation in Russia is still a gruesome reality. Furthermore, contract soldiers get only $500 a month for risking their lives guarding the Crimea.

Russian bandits-at-power murder their ex-colleagues.

All of them are the same, after getting power they utilize it with absurdity.


Times for kindhearted professional agents seem to be over. There exists the noble few, but now, for the most part, from 'professional', especially the border‑guards, left only the last half of the word. What really saddens me, is that's happened everywhere.

If there is a person in front of you in a uniform with a gun exposed and not showing his ID, neither giving You his business card with his full name on it and his phone number; and at the same time demands something of You and asks questions: congrats, You see a bandit in shoulder‑straps.

If a person in uniform and with a gun exposed shows his ID and hides it immediately: congrats, You see an educated bandit in shoulder-straps.

Agents twist testimony statements to suit their needs

Distorting the testimony, they either bring You to some kind of absurd humiliating punishment, or let somebody at fault go free, if You:

• by Your own credulity and naïveté
• being pressed by evil bandit boss with stars on the shoulder-straps

• being charmed by a girl-with-a-make-up-and-a-gun smile

put Your sign on a record of evidence for worse.

Due to the abundance of rules and regulations in the former USSR and its republics, the incentives to evade rules and regulations by means of bribes are extremely high. With the dissipation of the USSR the same people remained in the controlling positions, and the abundance of regulations in Russia still creates incentives to give bribes.

With the dissipation of the formal ‘republican’ organization, much of what USSR contained inside has changed for the worse. People: one should remember that every sound thinker who was disagree with the tyranny of Russian policy during the 19th and 20th century was severely oppressed, no matter what kind of government structure there were at power. Russian intelligentsia people who didn’t run from the country were murdered by the government, and sent to Siberia camps. After opening of the country in 1989 many who knew what was really happening in the country fled, including those many from scientific community. In 1990s every sound-minded left the country.

As a consequence, Russia has severe problems with the quality of education, quality of science and lack of scientists engaged in industry.

Meaningless exams, meaningless universities. Their certificates are nothing in the European world.

Medical Institutions also suffer due to corruption and sever lack of financial inflow into equipment and connection to the modern global medical data. Most of the articles published in English remain untranslated. For example, modern knowledge about the major importance of vitamin A and vitamin D is absent in most Russian medical institutions. You need about 10-20 minutes per day of Sun's exposure to get the daily dose of the vitamin D. Most part of the year that's impossible due to the sever Russian winter. That's one of the reasons why many Russians suffer from obesity and low height. Herb, homeopathy and grandma therapy (like useless vitamin C heavy doses) is still popular even among many doctors.

Dentists pool the teeth out instead of providing necessary operations, surgeons cut the legs off instead of curing them, ministry of health takes the peoples' property to make the ministry of health quarters.

COVID-19 Originates from Russia

There was a mysterious wave of pneumonia‑like cases in Russia in early October 2019, in Ural.

How Russians fight Coronavirus: instead of taking care of those infected with Covid‑19, they lock them down in separate hospital yards and burn them down.

Intake the vitamin D daily if you have low sunlight exposure, especially if you have dark skin!

Russia Plans

Having so much problems at their own country, how dare the Russian government to meddle into others’ countries affairs?!

Crazy weapon dealers. They are prepping for war, huge war. The only scientists that are left are Evil, that’s why they keep pumping poisonous gas to compensate the lack of manpower and money for future war.

They have a vested interest into training the Russian military for the future operations. They create ground to invade Serbia and Kosovo, like they shouted on the Red Square in the summer of 2018:

“Serbia, Kosovo, and Crimea is Russia!!!
Russia go ahead, Serbia go ahead,
Orthodoxy, orthodoxy, orthodoxy!!!
Entered seashore Russian war machine!!!"

According to some officials' talks in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, Bulgaria and Hungary plan to join them and actively support Russia.

Winter is coming and most of them will sit at home, and then they explode in spring, right after -20℃ temperatures are over. Distance is a killer in Russia due to the lack of good roads and severe winter.

Russian Banks

Russian banks hate their customers, and have a strong tendency to collapse.

Sberbank of Russia is severely divided into smaller departments.

What does this mean? Inconsistent banking policy for different departments. E.g. You can make a Rubble card in one department, but in that case they do not give a Dollar card, or a Euro card. That’s why You move to another city to make a dollar card, then even to another region of the country to make a Euro card. That’s funny, ridiculous and plain stupid.

Now, if You come to another Sberbank, they can’t see the information of Your cards unless You manually provide them with a bank account number for every of Your cards, reasons being Your cards are from another region.

All the changes to the accounts come to the central division of Sberbank within 2! days. Whereas You can see everything online in Your cabinet real-time. That is, there is a time lag of 48 hours. If all the population of the country suddenly decides to withdraw their meagre deposits, the central bank will know that only after 2 days!!!

At the same time Sberbank top management engages in acquiring land and expensive luxury hotels in Crimea instead of upgrading their servers, IT equipment and bank salaries. All the entry-level jobs in Sberbank are un-paid for the first 2 weeks.

This is so disgusting.

Russian Journalists

May God kill every blubber fat bag rich journalist, who is saying «how good it is to be in Russia, St. Petersburg, for only €500 per night you can stay in a grand hotel of the city».

Why won’t you write on a topic of people living in the Nevsky Prospect, the main street of the city, on the sidewalks? In groups! Taking cover from the wind and rain in a subway station? Why won’t you write on the topic of people living underground, in warmth piped tunnels? I’m going to kill every on-easy-street moron who has been to Russia, but helped no single human sole. You all must die. Period and a comma, a knife and a bullet. Right between the eyes, with Buddha’s kindness. You are all freaks, loaded egoists, self-absorbed pleasure seekers, dead while formally alive.

Live in the street, on a railway station. At the airport. Go through a Russian court system, just once. How on Earth are you going to understand the despair of those call to obligatory military service against their free will?! Feel the FEAR when the police are breaking into your apartment!

You are all just dust, writing flakes, and cannot understand real people walking next to you and trying their best to survive the winter. Get killed on a street once in a real life and death fight. Get ignored by social service providers. Live on the money you can make directly at the place. Get your phone and a laptop broken. Get your clothes tarnished with spots of the after-fight blood. Have no place to stay overnight. Lose your passport. A list of phone numbers to call for. Try to ask for help at the place, locally.

Then write articles on how it is good in Russian prison state.

Courts in Russia

"They are turning justice into mere wormwood and they cast away righteousness to the earth". "The wine of those fined they drink at the house of their gods". "In the court they have hated a reprover, and a speaker of perfect things they detest." "Making the litre small, and the payment great, and to falsify the scales of deception; to buy someone poor for the price of a pair of sandals, and to sell mere refuse of grain. and the dust of the earth be on the head of lowly persons"Amos 2:7,8; 5:7,10; 8:5,6

Civil courts are conducted 5 minutes long, 'cause there is a line of 10 people in the hall's corridor.

USSR was a multinational country and had problems with the inner-national hatred suppressed within. These problems were controlled by the presence of a strong government. In 1990s after the dissipation of USSR totalitarian control, waves of national hatred onslaught with civil wars and conflicts in many republics of the former “union”. These hatred attitudes against ‘other’ nations are still present and give voice wherever they can.

'Die you all.' is a common attitude; the feeling of bitter anger and intense fear runs deep in the country.

The country of curse and grim.

Cold and cruel like the devil himself.

The only time when they smile is when they hurt someone, with schadenfreude, the feeling of pleasure, joy, self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.

When You are in peril they will ignore you or even drawn you to help you die faster.

They keep sowing seeds of war, creating pretext for conflict to be able to enjoy the fighting.

Everyone who has any relations with them is either an Evil crook, or a naiveté being fooled.


Those with any power hate the general population, which behaves like animals. The atmosphere of fear and hate persists among the population in return.

Doctors hate patients, patients hate doctors; army officers hate guys called up for military service, they hate the army in return, where they have to spend a year for free.

Country of slaves, 15 minutes to have food, 'cause there is a huge line to the army canteen.


Disgustingly loathsome indifference to the problem, to the point of insensitivity that comes from another problem of severe inequality.

Gini coefficient rose from 0.23 (1988) to 0.5 (1992). Gini coefficient of 0.5 means that the probability that your neighbour is twice richer than you is 50%.

Some steal billions (200 billion dollars’ scandal scandal); others steal cheap copper wire at a factory, where they work like slaves, for meagre salary of $200/month.

Economy is filled with regulations and statists, with a high concentration of wealth in officials' hands. Energy and defence-related sectors are still unprivatized. Although money generally comes into Russian economy with the export of oil, natural gas, steel, aluminium and extensive machinery building,

Who buys Russian?

Mean GDP growth rate: from 1996, the year when the denomination of the currency occurred, mean yearly GDP growth rate is 1%.
per capita GDP = 5,800$ in 1990,
per capita GDP = 3,500$ in 1996,
per capita GDP = 6,800$ in 2015,
social security benefits = 1,200$ per year!!! in 1996,
social security benefits = 200$ per month!!! in 2018.
The Russian currency now is 0.07 of its 1996 value. I.e. rubble now is 14 times less needed than in 1996. For the last 1.5 years rubble lost 50% of its value to compensate for the 50% drop in the oil prices. So in rubbles government still has the same revenues. To get the money quickly in times of crisis government de-values its currency. The central bank hasn’t supported the rouble since late 2014. It let the rouble float freely from Nov. 10 of that year and eliminated regular interventions after spending several dozen billions of dollars from its reserves. Yet government officials continue to claim that ‘they won’t let rouble fall’. Send them to hell!!! They are vicious liars!
Now with little access to world markets and low competitiveness Russian economic future is grim.

Russian Inflation Fighting Methods

They type money to pay the military expenses ($500 month for contract soldiers guarding the Crimea, not considering forced military participation), and keep cutting wages manually throughout the country to fight the induced inflation. People from Moscow come directly to the factories: “Your wage was $1000month, now it is $500, period.”

Nonetheless, inflation from 2014 to 2018 is 100%. I.e. 2018 Russian currency half of its value that of 2014.

Greenback, Vodka, and Power

Russia drives people crazy.

Vice: in spite of USSR media and recreation control, also high level of propaganda, due to the growing disappointment about the results of the ‘communism’ and later the 'false democracy', the level of virtue in the country is low. The dissipation of USSR brought about the awakening of vice to the completely unprepared generation.

Love greenback and strong alcohol:

litres of pure alcohol consumption per capita 15l

cigarettes consumption per smoker 8,900

52% of men and 15% of women smoke

est. 2.5mln drug addicts + regular drug users

registered living HIV-infected people 1mln, 2017

Defamate the President After His Retire

Vodka for last greenback,
Stupid yellow fans,
Always have nothing,
And got nothing to dig.
Stupid getting high,
Animals indeed.
Ki-i-i-ll the -cow!
Ea-a-at the -burgs!
Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!


Defamate the Prezi-Bandit,
Never let him see the grave.
Send him to the land of horror,
Live forever on the Russian Earth.

Russian cuckoo bandits,
We shall find your money,
Drop a bomb on Moscow,
Rob the Leningrad.

Poor Russian niggers,
No money left,
Only stupid rockets,
and another theft.

Crazy crooks and liars,
Pumping oil and gas,
Selling land for money,
Dumping gold for brass.

Kill the Russian wigger,
loaded oligarch,
send them rot in prison,
with their money passed.

Loony Russian zombies,
herd inside a fence,
go eat your neighbour,
Miser ranch of slaves.

Animals in fetters,
crawling in the dirt,
murdering each other
even in the court!

Puppets of the Kremlin,
killing for a fun,
freaking hungry brothers,
rotting in the Sun.


Have you ever heard about Mayak factory and the radioactive dust?

Mayak was the place where the government was developing atomic industry. Check, maybe you are flying over it? Please don't.

The only people who worked there where prisoners, who dumped the radioactive remains into the nearby dry lake.

And the thing Russians won’t tell you is that the Ural oil is almost over, the wells give now only 10% of oil, everything else is water. That’s why Russians plan to get Iranian oil even to the point of making a pipeline. Russians do not buy Iranian oil, like they said, only barter in weapons; (and of course, the Iranian side will pay for the pipe by means of oil,) because there is no money in Russia. Russians want everything for free.

The practice of giving or selling indulgences operated in the Middle Ages on the principle that some persons were better than they needed to be in order to escape temporal or purgatorial punishments, whereas many others, known as sinners, fell short. Under the terms of the granting of indulgences, credits built up by the good could be transferred to those who had fallen short, or even to those who anticipated falling short. The transfer could be gratuitous, it could be in answer to prayers and petitions, or it could be for money. The anticipation of credits for forgiveness of sin, according to the record, moved William of Aquitaine to establish the monastery of Cluny with the instruction that the monks pray continuously for his salvation while be went about his work of war, pillage, rapine, and other activities.

Pollution is a sin to be shamed and punished, not an 'undesirable output' from otherwise useful production that needs to be managed.


Russians are afraid of
1. defamation
2. police
3. being taken by genitals in a fight

Defamation by peers is a nightmare to most Russians due to the strong group dynamics in the country, in-group and out-group policy in everyday life.

Police break-in into the house is another horror, due to the knowledge of numerous human rights violation by police officers happening in Russia.

How to Fight Russians

Defamate. Defamate. Defamate.

Call the police immediately to create pressure on them. Keep Your own hands clean.

If You are being attacked by Russians and have to use your own hands, play dirty to shortcut the fighting. Be fast.

Being taken by genitals in a fight is usually an unsuspected attack for most Russians, which turns heads to tails in a fight.

Then blind them, strangulate them, maim them at their feet. If they cannot see, or breath, or run, the fight is over.

Bonus tips, or how to do it really well: hit them in the jaw to break their teeth. Take an iron stick and dash them to pieces like a potter's vessel.

Humiliate them, mom upon mom.

Leave them without food, shelter and money. The summer is short, and Russian winter is long and severe.

Use surprise noise attacks by day to mess up with their ability to concentrate. Use low frequency noise attacks by night to interfere with their sleep.

Leave them with throw-away low-end broken machinery. Make them pay for it.

Immerse in dirt and blood. Repeat.

Bandits' Country Must Be Destroyed

Russians are crazy. And especially when they are drunk with power.

Russia is an animal den with a huge wall around it, and the Russian Government Bandits mass homestead animals within the country-(side).

Will Evil listen if you tell it to stop?

Russia must be destroyed. Like the Pompeii was.

God have us throw up on Moscow.

How many nuclear bombs would it take to reduce Russia and the former USSR to pebbles?

Red Line, or Holy Anger in Me

May Russian enemies be cutting Russians to pieces and eating them.

May Russian enemies eat Russians for breakfast.

May God hate Russia. May He loathe dungy Russia.

May God and his allies have no use for Russia.

‘IT’ is here. Hazardous Russia.

May God fight Russians with intent to destroy everything He touches.

May God smash their heads to pieces to say ‘Hi!’

Smash down their heads with hammer-fist strike, tear heads up when with an uppercut.

May God with an iron rod crush their teeth like the potter’s vessel.

May God crush their feet; and blind them. When they can’t see, or breath, or walk the fight will be over.

Because they are evil and stupid animals within a den. May everyone feel only disgust to Russia.

May Russian enemies even when wounded and with no gun and no knife crush Russians with superior attitude.

May God throw Russians and break their neck in the air, while they still fly to the ground.

May Russian enemies have tons of coffee to want to fight Russians, may Russian enemies be angry and in the fighting mood. May the wine and coffee supply never be cut off from You, oh evermore angry Russian rocket armies colonel.

If I can’t exit Russia, may God destroy this ugly zombie-bandit nation.

Oh God buy me a stupid ticket out of stupid Russia and give me a new home where rest and peace are abound.

What to Do?

USSR is evil, God totally called it, and I'm saving your life.

Exit Russia and the former USSR republics if you haven’t done that yet!

Escape Grim RU.

Oh, God, may Your Kingdom come and sack America, UK, Germany, Russia, China, and all these kingdoms, and it itself stay forever.

Bonus tips, or how to do it really well: spit upon Russia, strip Russia, rape Russia, destroy Russia, dump Russia.

Moscow and the former USSR must be destroyed.