Win Modern Go

Fuseki: Opening

Use AlphaGo Fuseki to find the best opening moves.

The larger the numbers are, the greater the chance for black to win.

The smaller the numbers are, the greater the chance for white to win.

Joseki and Kifu: Mid‑Game

Use Kifu Search to find the best continuations.

Pay attention to the win-rates, they are shown at the right side of the screen for the current player (independent of colour).

Shift + Mouse Click puts a black stone on the board.

Control + Mouse Click puts a white stone on the board.

Choose "Around Stones" in the top menu to perform area search.

Press the mouse button and drag to select specific search area!

Choose "Search W" to find White continuations.

Choose "Search B" to find Black continuations.

There are about 80,000 professional games stored, so on rare occasions the database isn't fully searched, but all results are cached, so repeated search can gain new results. The number of games searched is displayed above the win-rates on the right side of the screen.

Artificial Intelligence

Use Zen engine Zenith Go 7 Zen

Set the mode to 120sec.

How to do it really well, the fine points:
You can expand the upper time limit from 120 seconds to 1200 seconds!!!
Edit the SGF save file ZT value in any text editor, change ZT[120] to ZT[1200]

Sometimes the app plays overly aggressively, attacking when it's not appropriate with no predictable outcomes,
or way too far,
or shrivelly inefficiently defensively extending a corner to the center of the side, when it's time to expand twice as much, up to the oppisite corner.

In that case you'll have to run the app 2-9 times to find the move You consider the best.

In general You should expand the corner up to another corner (AlhpaGo style), and settle the corners themselves safely, making life as early as possible.

Expand far.

Study AlphaGo games to find safer, and / or more territory gaining moves.

Every AI plays better when the board position is settled and simple.

Eliminate any technical debt to reduce the number of future computations. Settle positions early! Avoid overly aggressive attacks with no easily predictable outcomes.

And remember - there are no stones!

Proper Hardware

You'd better have a separate PC to run Zen engine, altogether below $1000:

Cheap monitor.

Cheap ATI video-card.

Best MotherBoard.

Best dual-core Intel processor: i3-7350K (4M Cache, 4.20 GHz)

Best CPU cooling system available. Explain the computer technician that the CPU is going to run for hours (like every game of Go), on its top frequency and maximum voltage. Ask to use the best thermal paste, they start with thermal conductivity of 12,5 W / mk Kryonaut

For laptop users: new 2mm thermal pads for other micro-chips, good pads start with thermal conductivity of 8 W / mk Minus Pad