Government Grim

Government Induced Darkness

“Like fire and fusion, government is a dangerous servant and a terrible master.” Robert Heinlein

Move fast, avoid lingering and waiting. RUN!!! “run to Egypt”, run like your life depends on it, it really IS. Escape. Save your soul.

Open any visa, A.S.A.P.

AVOID the GATEKEEPER, whether it is a system or a person.

If you absolutely have to, strike with an intent to destroy everything you touch.

You have to exit the country. Concentrate on exiting, not on girls or whatever. Exiting is of top priority.

Be an angel. Always.

Display that you have no intention of abandoning.

Remember to present You and Your motives as of pure virgin, absolutely clean, sincere, GOOD, with no vested interest. Power and money come from honesty and secrecy. Be perfect in your heart and motives.

Avoid the demons of suspicion in an established long-term relationship. Be good and benevolent Yourself first.

Keep the words.