Grim: Darkness. Intense Hatred. Nihilism. Destructive Impulses.


Always test for live grim presence.

Test for bursts of violence, physical and verbal.

Insatuable lust for power and soul control.

Beware: sometimes Satan (the one who pulls the strings) takes a look of an angel of light. Check for the aftereffects.

The worst evildoer at fault is usually located at the most unimaginable position.

Test for malice.

Test for cold-heartedness. Test for indifference.

Test for nihilism. To prosper, a man has to be a function of a state.

Test for any form of abuse. Symbols, words, gestures, physical actions. Does a person/organization possess any items which affiliate them with ways of thinking, groups and organizations famous for their history of abuse? Avoid those committed to death symbols.

Test for cynicism. Everything matters.

Test for contempt. Any signs of contempt indicate that there will be no relationship involved. You are being dissed now, and will be ditched very soon later.

Test for dignity-deprivation. You have to command respect. Always. Kill those who try to undermine your dignity as a Son / Daughter of God.

Be angry.

Test for insanity.

Avoid magic, qi, force, whatever unseen and mystical, both eastern and western. Demons of the illusions and hallucinogens enjoy the sufferings of men. They often drive people to destitution and suicide.

Test for demonic behaviours: roaming, loud knocking in, shouting without reason, persistent phone calls (like 10 in a row).

Test for attacking absolute strangers without any reason kind of behaviours, both verbal and physical.

Test for schadenfreude (the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another, especially strangers).

Test for the feelings of bitter anger. You can get involved in other person’s or organization’s or country’s fight.

Test for the feeling of intense fear. Scared people are very likely to use physical attack immediately.

Move out.


Kill Monster.