Be fast and ferocious. Make discretionary steps forward when attacking. Improve Your position while disrupting that one of Your opponents.

When in a fight, concentrate on taking initiative. Drop some points to buy the first turn. Usually there is no any justifiable reason to go second.

Take every 100% chance to land a hit, be active every time. Give no rest to your hand. Strike when Your opponent is wide open. There is no need to put all of Your strength into the first strike.

Evade and attack at the same time.

Be furious in close-distance combat!

Disrupt their physical and mental bases first. The most devastating thing to morale is to cut Your opponents' numbers in half and destroy their home-base.

Be hostile to questions. Never answer questions. Verbal, and physical. So much more the interviewers.

Perform Your best, give Your 1000% percent when confronting a group of 10 opponents. Find what resonates with the audience - You need to know what is precious to every one of them and attack. Be a princess of the Universe inside a fight. Inside Your body, soul, heart, spirit. Daughter of God. Shine.

Be aggressive.

Bring all the hidden tech.

It's art. Or at least it has to be.

Avoid 20% all-in attack. Retreat the guy. Avoid leaving the guy wide in the open.

Sometimes You have to tune up the piano and perform Your best even in extraordinary circumstances.

Study hacking for reconnaissance. Very often the only thing between You and the precious data is Windows XP. Yes, it's 2020, but many firms still use WinXP to get it for free. Heavens, it's often not even a database, but an unprotected Excel file. Sometimes You might need this simple piece of information like air. In fact, forget about hacking. Just carry a USB flashcard in Your bag. Use it, drag and drop. Assume that Your opponent wants to kill You. Do Your worst. First.