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Custom Chrome Extension Installation

  1. UnZip the extension, remember the folder location
  2. Run Chrome
  3. Open chrome://extensions/
  4. Choose Pack extension
  5. Choose the unpacked folder, press Pack extension
  6. Drag and drop the formed .crx file into the Chrome window chrome://extensions/
  7. Mark the ID of the extension (Copy and Paste into any text editor)
  8. Click Start, Run Win + R
  9. run Group Policy Editor to whitelist the extension: gpedit.msc
  10. Pick User Configuration / Administrative Templates / Google Chrome / Extensions / Configure extension installation whitelist
  11. Choose "Enabled", then click "Show…"
  12. Double-click to enter the ID for the extension, Apply
  13. Restart Chrome
  14. to read The Wall Street Journal use ViolentMonkey and a userscript (see below)

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