Must See Anime
Priority List

Death Note

It's a thriller story about Russia, China, and power abuse. That animation perfectly fits every dictatorship state. A very serious work.

Do I really need to tell anything here? Read Apples. Just peel off the skin. And throw away the apple core!!! And never ever put potato chips to any use. Then no god of Death will ever get to You and Your appendix!

Again, about the forbidden fruit of supernatural absolute power.


It's action.

It's about making fun.

It's about having fun.

It's about love, murder, and madness.

Some translations are just too lewd, be careful. Japanese is great and safe.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

One guy returns to the village… You'd better stay at Uni next time, you bloody idiot. Whatever happens, just stay in the city University.

There is snakes' nest here in the country-side.

It's way too hot.

The music is gourgeous.

The best suspence ever.

Tons of humor.




This animation work is very special, extremely violent, and morally instructive. Commit two consecutive days, it’s worth it! Nipa!!!

Denpa Teki na Kanojo

Please Help


Read high quality books.

Just do not fight with your parents. Call the cops. You will come out ahead.

Kanon (2006)

A town filled with mystery.

Friendly girls.


Attachment and friendship.

The greatest story ever. The endings honestly suck; they are so sad… About love, truth, anger, bitterness and loss…

Ergo Proxy

Vincento Law. Demigods. Robots gaining and utilizing Consciousness. Robotized humans. Clones. Love. Madness. Murder. Punishment of injust order and those who comply. I love the story about the end. I believe in ero pr0nxy for the human race to survive. I want to marry Re-l Mayer. Grab the ammo, Pino! You gonna need them.

"At that moment to understand everything. The devilish intent of the system creators."

"And one more thing. They should by no means be exampt from punishment."

Grand Death. Divine destruction. The only problem with all Dai Satou work, the same like in Wolf's Rain, anime ends at the point where it should have started. In real life world. And like all Japanese, they've got the same problem: they do empty travel too much. That ate pretty all the resources. The best episodes of the anime are shoot in the city. They shouldn't have filmed the travelling. No wonder the Manglobe didn't get proper profit from this wonderful work. And they should have explained the symbols and the meaning they put into them for general public, considering that the audience comes from all the ages, from all over the world. The conflict between the fine tuned dehumanizing bureaucracy and the person. And the resulting total destruction. I loved the explanation why everything has happened.

Skip the series you don't like. A great anime overall.


Hardcore gambling stuff. I loved Mahjong!!!


Well, sometimes things do happen. A real life story. Beat me up, buddy!!! Just do not punk the cars next to your apartment.

SKET Dance

So, whom did he marry in the end?

One Outs

On how to win in psycological games.

Lovely Complex

I cried when I first watched. A perfect realistic story about love.

Kansai dialect

Joker Game

Spy games, sometimes good

Lovely Angels

Comedy about lucky girls.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

This where my avatar from. Yes, I am cool!!!

Yugo the Negotiator

A MUST HAVE. I loved the Pakistan series. Just never ever live in Russia. Save me, Yugo!

Kaze no Yojimbo

It's about the place I live. I wish I followed the main hero's footsteps exactly.

Excel Saga

The best comedy ever. Conqure the world!

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

I need this bear team too. It's all about the proper equipment.

Samurai Champloo

Do I need any words?

Elfen Lied

If You haven't seen Elfen Lied, You haven't seen Anime.

But please, start from serie N2


Cool detective story. Intro is great.


watch the first 13 series about fun and pacifism, and about fun doing pacifism.

Golgo 13

Professional. I loved that he always asks for reasons. And has no deals with people who hide their faces. And is always available for service.

Black Lagoon

Adventures of CIA somewhere in the Pacific. I would never ever go to church.


I loved the ending line. But start from 1!!!

The Big O

An anime about a huge robot bringing order via destruction. And a beautiful girl.

Overman King Gainer

Funny story about exiting Russia. I would take the government girls too!!!

Apple Seed 2004 Movie

I loved the tank.


This is what happening to dictatorships now.


The story starts very slowly, but is VERY interesting, an anime on Eastern Germany.