Pray to God

Nakigoe means the weeping swords
"Come, burst it all out". Saiyuki


Oh God, Jah, Jahveh, Allah, Almighty, Creator of the Universe.

God Jah, give Me Wisdom How to exit Russia, destroy Evil, make money, buy electronics, become a king, find a good wife. Give me a safe place to live in quietness and peace. I want a good solid wife with longest legs and huge breasts.

Give me a girlfriend today.

Give me clients today.

Give me clothes. Give me food. Give me home.

Protect me from Russian police and security services, I can deal with bandits with my bare hands. I can always open Holy Scriptures and hope for the best.

Protect me from Russian doctors, I can deal with the virus myself. Stop buying out lemons, idiots! That's outdated!

Give Me a Good Wife

I am looking for a girlfriend

• white • 17‑21y • 180cm+ (5'11''+) • fit • pure • kind
do You know where is the nearest Marriage Registration Bureau?

Give me wisdom to rule over the Earth.

Oh God, give me a good wife. I want to have sex with 3 girls at the same time. Or even better yet, to marry up to a girl that's worth ten. I want to marry a beautiful smart healthy strong princess.

Help me to ask her out, like: "Do You love me? I loved You from the first sight. Let's get married."

"Give me Your fissure to screw into Your womb, I want to impregnate Your uterus. Your pussy is so tender, tight, and lovable, let me penetrate it to Your most inward parts."

"Love me! Penetrate my vaginal fissure!!! Impregnate my uterus! I want to suck Your spear and swallow hot liquids ejecting out of Your its spearhead. Hard enter through and slam vagina, mouth, and apply petroleum gel into young female buns!"

Let us make smart strong kids, the princes and the princesses of the Universe!!!

I want a real princess.

I hate Russia.

Russia stinks. I want to kill and destroy all the Russians, everyone who is a friend of Russia, and everyone who loves Russia. I will kill You all!

I hate Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are not sons | daughters of God by their own literature confessions. Unless they are in Brooklyn as a Governing Body. Take me in as a secretary, and then I will think about you. If you people aren't sons of God, then who is your father? And who are you brothers? Aren't you all still in the darkness?!

I love Holy Scriptures, let me apply it with discretion.

I hate Windows. I want to own Microsoft myself.

I want to create movies and animation.

I need a new workstation PC.

Cursed be Google. Let it be a slave to webmasters. Let Google serve users, not corporations. Let Google kill itself.

I want to be a Hollywood star.

I want to complete an Oxford PhD. Dan Robinson, you are my hero.

I want to own a super computer.

Just let me exit Russia. Give me some fresh air and Your Holy Spirit.

Oh God, give me a palace. Or at least any house. Oh God, please show Your mercy and generosity and undeserved kindness and loyal love.

Oh God give me good generous clients. Did anyone in Russia heard the word 'give'?

It is impossible for men to get either a wife or a uni without money (but things impossible with men are possible with God).

Pleas help me be :

An unarmed senator is a dead senator.

An emperor without a body-vest is a dead emperor.

Give Me New Electronics!

Let me work on my projects as fast as physically possible. Oh God, I am taking in all electronics. Give me the world best equipment.

Let me be enrolled into any Uni.