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Angel Sweat, Blood, and Tears

MIGHTY PRINCESS , Live forever!!! Life! Prosperity! Health!

Policy analysis is the art of the possible. The weights placed on goals are an output of policy analysis.

I can perform policy analysis for the governing body members.

I can teach how how to use the Internet effectively to gather maximum amounts of resources in the shortest periods of time and do proper web‑design.

I teach Russian, Tajik, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English languages, both for conspiratorial practices against foreign infiltrators and for active reconnaissance purposes; I can also teach special agents paired swords fencing & street survival. I can also teach Calculus in case some members of the governing body are interested in rocket launches. I can produce video‑courses.

I’ve been absorbed in endless training ever since my first conscious year. I won silver medal high‑school diploma, and a second place in English language competitions of Tajikistan. After in‑depth exploration of policy analysis with the voluminous university courses theoretical input, alongside with self‑study, and self‑practice, I discovered that policy analysis is a scientific and rigorous discipline, widely used in various fields of governance, which inspired passionate curiosity inside me, and a zealous research interest. I took every single book and course with complete commitment. I realized the true meaning and purpose of policy analysis. It is an amazing process that combines the necessity of scientific truths with the uncertainty of the real world, which fascinates me and provokes my further interest into advanced science fields. The breadth of policy analysis was the essence of what I have been longing for and pursuing all my years. I realized that many real life phenomena can be fitted with scientific models, among which knowledge of the Holy Scriptures is indispensable. I am beguiled by real world governance policy analysis research. The science of policy analysis is deeply rooted in real life, and it is not just an abstract theory, but can make our lives colourful. The spirit of innovation inside me deepens my longing for advanced training in the fields of applied policy analysis. The attained insight into real world, the applied fun of knowledge of real world, the importance of data in real life ignites my interest in deep research of policy analysis and invigorates me to pursue advanced studies of profound scientific disciplines. It is a pleasant and enjoyable process to engage my power in applying vigorous academic research to improve real life decisions. Along with acquiring theoretical knowledge through the process of combining theories with real life scenarios, I also proactively participated in various extracurricular activities, including numerous personal projects, all of which have enriched and provided direction in my life.

The study of policy analysis broadened my horizons and informed me of the importance of cultural exchange, extensive teamwork, and international cooperation. To make contributions to the development of the society I want to enhance my computer programming abilities, communication skills, and logical thinking ability with connection to real world policy decisions. With a view to world financial industry, I want to provide numerous valuable ideas for the local and world enterprise and government structures. The ability to innovate is essential for academic activities and work, and even tiny discoveries brought together with bright ideas can change the life of the whole world.

The rapid modern international scientific development urges me to master various software applications and programming techniques to keep up the pace with the international community of fellow analysts.

I have mastered many software applications, such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word Macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Scripts, Excel, Visual Studio Code; mark‑up languages: AMP‑HTML, CSS, JavaScript for AMP pages, modern Search Engine Optimization technologies (SEO): mark‑up via RDFa and JSON‑LD mark‑up languages, and also programming languages, such as Python, to create fast modern webpages and to perform web‑analysis, site security, and performance tests. Using high‑quality web analysis tools, and with the assistance of Python language I dealt with online reconnaissance, utilizing security applications and advanced processing methods of web vulnerability testing. I successfully accomplished and published my own website:

I also created Japanese font‑face for narrow screens.

To widen my knowledge and cultivate my ability to innovate and awareness to new technologies, I took the initiative to apply to related online courses and to perform various advanced projects.

I self‑learned Tajik, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese languages. I wrote my own textbook of Tajik language, while teaching a group of students. I assigned learning tasks reasonably depending on each member personal traits and academic abilities. The textbook is ready to be published. Worthy to mention is my project on Language Acquisition Techniques, which is also ready to be published. I actively taught international students Math and languages. As a private tutor I engaged myself in advertisement activities, individual and group classes preparations according to various business requirements. Through foreign literature I accumulated enormous amounts of results in the policy analysis process tune-up, which helped me studying and competing even in an extremely adverse environment. Discussion of the topic with many scientists increased my understanding of learning management and setting the real‑time policy decisions and priority of actions in the view of current situation and circumstances.

I self‑learned Facial Action Coding System (F.A.C.S.).

I self‑learned Photo and Video advanced shooting techniques.

I self‑learned Guitar.

“Economic Institutions” and “Stock Market” courses laid a solid foundation for my further studies of policy analysis. I participated in a variety of financial and stock market business activities training, e.g. World Financial Crises theories while grasping professional knowledge of stock market products, and futures. To further familiarize myself with the principles and norms of the stock market industry and Economics, I wrote an article on Russia, which won collective recognition and high praise from the general public. My inventive breakthrough made me more decisive in exploring the paths of education management and policy analysis.

Live Projects

Front‑End Developer

Search Engine Optimization, Programming, Editors:

Film‑Making Skills


all self‑learned from top‑ranked universities


Other Skills



Intellectual Games

Musical Instruments

Religious Activities

Read Holy Scriptures 18 times.

Preference for

  • holiness: Looking for purity in every aspect
  • beauty
  • sensuality
  • passion
  • loyal love
  • deep strong feelings

Every single bit of data here is my blood, sweat, and tears; and is being monitored and controlled.

I put You under oath obligation: for the love of God take me out of Russia
I can perform computer diagnostics, repair, hardware installation, Windows tune‑up.
Translation and Interpretation.
Front‑End Web‑Design
All I need is a room, a table, a chair, a lamp, and a bed near sea, mountains, and forest - that's perfect!

I ain't gathering ANY user data, my God Jah, send me a truck of real cookies to Russia!!!

Look! I am standing at the door and knocking. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into his house and take the evening meal with him, and he with me!