God save me

Country without God

Russia has turned into the country of the dead. And the dead are hunting for me and my brother angels.

It's dangerous here.

It's impossible to cross the border out without complete set of documents, especially visa. You cannot 'just exit' the country.

FSB and border guards with machine-guns are on a fervent alert and on a heavy patrol. And the funny thing about this photo is, I know both of these guys. I'm innocent, no border trespassing. Norway was just 40 meters away at Storskog. I'm in despair.

Exiting is done with heavy bureaucracy through a huge amount of paperwork. A friendly invitation letter from abroad is a necessary boost for the visa application process.

I’m not a king. I’m weak, and I hate being alone.
I’m in pain and in torment.
I want to live!
Anybody take me out of Russia!!!


I want to go anywhere, but I need an official invitation to facilitate the visa process bureaucracy.

I'm looking for a sponsor, both official and unofficial.

Maybe You can invite me for a short stay at your place? A job offer? A university enrolment?

If anybody could meet me, just for a couple of days…

Be assured I will be your faithful friend. Use my services too!