Nakigoe Contacts

SKYPE Do check for the fresh link often, I have to jump every time Microsoft acts like crazy with user accounts. I use Skype because it's creators are awesome; to the point that even Microsoft wasn't able to destroy Skype despite all its Microsoft efforts. Skype creators, live forever!

Video-Chat Reminders

How to chat really well: the fine points.

Please text local time preferred (and your city to tell the time zone), i.e. 'How about 09:00AM Los Angeles time?' Please be punctual!!!

Wear business / sports / dating / one level above casual clothing, feel yourself comfortable. Don't think too much.

Do enable your video, it's basic courtesy.


Please specify the time when it's more convenient for you to video‑connect in an e‑mail. Please specify the time and your time zone.

Please, I beg You very much, no text chatting, there is a video‑connection to talk things over, and it's of huge effectiveness. And I'd really appreciate your participation in a video‑conference. Love you all. Meow.

General wishes for the e‑mails, you don't have to follow, but I would really appreciate your attention on how to write a love letter:

send e-mails without attachments
refrain from stupid and simplistic replies like: "RTFM chapter X.X.X" or "read the Holy Crooks book backwards" or "open www.XXX.XXX" or "What do you mean?"
refrain from near‑sighted and mind‑controlling questions like: "Why?" or "What for?"
reply only if you've got an article to share. None should appear before me empty-handed. Meow!
refrain from running experiments on me, provide only reliable info. Meow!!!

Respect to You all.

When you are hungry, grab some food and drink,
When you’re on a diet, eat fruits, vegetables and fish,
When you become lonely, let’s talk, cry and laugh together,
Please feel free to contact me always.
Tender kisses and hugs, good luck and have fun! Meow! Contact me!!!