I am the best!

My granddad was a an archaeologist in the mountains of Asia, grandma an innovator in geological Institute. My dad, mom, and older sis spent their time climbing mountains.

I'm white. The earliest memories I have vary in time. My sis was a really nice person.

Sis! When we shall be able to live together again? We lived together joyfully, how much time passed since then...

I highly desire to move to a warm place with sea and mountains.

In 2011 I studied 3000 Japanese Kanji in 6 months, THIS WAS FUN!!! Brush writing exaltation dreamlike state. I remember one day I did 120.

Always desired to be a hero. Like Bruce Lee.
Continue training in martial arts and weights lifting.

Maintaining my sweetness and light, looking for comrades and rivals.

Summer continues forever.